About Petra

Petra, originally from Germany and the youngest of five, has made her mark all around the world. She got her start as a barber on a military base 31 years ago. She has been with us at Barbers & the Salon for 24 years now.

Growing up with military influence and working on the base, she specializes in flat tops, military cuts, shorter men’s styles, and speed. Her work schedule is first come first served on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at our Alps Village location.

With two sons and a grandchild, Petra is a family woman at heart. Her yearly adventures with her sisters gives her the opportunity to gradually make her way through Europe and the United States. Her vast collection of stories allows anyone who is interested in the world to live vicariously through her.

When she is not working or traveling the world, she can be found watching Prison Break and other shows on Netflix and relaxing in her pool.