About Michelle

Michelle is a Georgia native and has 6 children. She has 23 years of experience as a barber, 20 of which have been with us at Barbers & the Salon. We are proud to say that Michelle has been with us from the very beginning, only leaving temporarily to be a stay at home mother. After so many years with us, it is easy to say that she has become part of the family. 

Her work schedule is first come first served on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, alternating Thursday, and Saturday at our Epps Bridge location.

As a mother who has seen every age group many times and embraced it fully, Michelle loves the time that she gets to spend with children. Her warmhearted nature allows her to easily connect with her adoring senior clients. She thoroughly enjoys working from long hair to shorter styles and is devoted to seeing the transformation from start to finish.

When she is not working, Michelle can be found reading science fiction, swimming, and spending time with her family. Her favorite past-time is roller skating, a tradition she has eagerly passed along to her children.