About Dalton

Dalton is the youngest child, born and raised in Georgia. Getting his start at a barber college, he has 3 years of experience as a barber and he is going on 1 year with us at Barbers & the Salon.

His work schedule is first come first served on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at our Alps Village location.

Dalton excels at working with short men’s styles and enjoys military cuts and flat tops but he is unafraid to take on new challenges. His favorite part of being is a barber is beard grooming. He does regular straight razor shaves, an experience that might as well be a requirement for all men.

When he is not working, he uses his time to draw. His artistic side and attention to detail is a quality that can be found in every one of his haircuts. His other hobbies include reading and playing a variety of video games.